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We build websites that build your business!

Your Personal Media Solution is a small, friendly and talented web design and management team. Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing their professional skills to provide our clients top notch products.

Our team is so well rounded in many different parts of the web and can make sure that you are never overlooked on the internet. Studies show that 80% of customers look up local business’ online before making contact with the intent to purchase product/services. With facts like that, you can’t afford to not to have a website or settle with a free resource that was built in the 90’s.

The average attention span, while users are surfing the internet, has been on the decline since 2010. It’s estimated that the current attention span of an internet user is only 6 seconds. Our aim is to stop those users in their tracks and turn them into potential revenue for you.

Some company values

  • Teamwork
  • Sound Judgement
  • Mutual Accountability
  • Servant Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Abundance Mentality

We collaborate and support each other to build trust and make decisions for the collective good. We celebrate successful team results.

All decisions, at all levels in the company, include the following six factors.
Customer Needs, Available Resources, Financial Rigor, Creative Options, Deadlines, Company Priorities.

We promote transparency, respectfully holding ourselves and others accountable towards positive results.

At all levels, we consistently behave with integrity; evolve; and improve through self-awareness, humility, and courage so that we can be of greater service to others.

We engage in anticipatory, proactive, direct, respectful, productive and unfiltered dialog.

We embrace creativity, innovation, curiosity, and empowerment to focus on expanding possibilities.

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